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Slip out the door and fly...
♪ time is like a knife for me now.
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10th-May-2020 01:30 pm - [OOC -- Permissions]
☆ a friendly smile.
CHARACTER NAME: Hikari-Asakura Hoshi.
CHARACTER SERIES: Shaman King, manga. Original Character.

Permission stuff under here.Collapse )
24th-May-2011 08:02 pm - 179 -- [locked to Ryuunosuke]
☆ lost in those eyes.
Hey, Ryuunosuke.

Do you want to go to the prom with me? I heard it's being held at the Hyperion in Neon City.
23rd-May-2011 11:26 pm - 178 -- [locked from hostiles]
☆ to those skies.
I figure by now I've done enough moping to last me a lifetime and more. After all, if I internalize the pain and sadness, I am not getting better. Instead, I'm just letting it consume me and threaten to break my spirit.

...So, I've decided. As my family's thirty-ninth head, I will make whatever's left of my time here and be the best Hikari-Asakura Hoshi I can be with no regrets. The time to regret anything is now in the past and I'll be working for a better future, for myself, my friends, and the Digital World as a whole.

After all, life's precious, isn't it? We shouldn't waste it.
17th-May-2011 11:27 pm - 177 -- [locked to Kotoha]
☆ keep up!
Hey, Kotoha.

Would you like to go for a shopping trip with my friend and me?
16th-May-2011 10:09 pm - 176 -- [locked to Ryuunosuke]
☆ thinking it through.
I'm ready to tell you what went on in my world.

If I keep it inside of me, I'm not getting better mentally, am I?

Let me know when you're free. I can imagine you're busy with kabuki practice, after all.

--And yes, when the show's ready, I'll definitely be one of those people attending.
☆ pretty sure that's not how it works.
Um, sweetheart... I'm gonna be with Haku and Onizuka at the resort they're going to. I might as well go to the inn shortly after. The doctor said to Haku that as long as I don't do anything strenuous, I should be okay.

... and, I don't necessarily think that Onizuka's going to win any awards in onnagata for some time, by the way.
15th-May-2011 07:23 pm - Voicemail!
☆ to those skies.
"You have reached Hikari-Asakura Hoshi! I'm sorry I can't take your call right now, but if you leave your name and a brief message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful day!"

( OOC: Put the date the person's trying to get in touch with her in the subject line and then Hoshi will respond. The rest after that is just like how a phone call would be! )
13th-May-2011 02:24 am - 174 -- [audio; locked from hostiles]
☆ waited a long time for you.
Well, okay...

What I can reveal about what happened during my absence here is that I'm now twenty-five years old, my name is now Hikari-Asakura Hoshi, and... well...

I'm the lord of my family now. I don't know what they're going to do without me being there, but... I am happy to be here again.

I should be able to answer some questions, but please do understand if I'm not feeling up to some of them.

And, also -- hello to anyone who has missed me. I've missed you just as much.
11th-May-2011 01:57 am - 173 -- [AUDIO/VIDEO]
☆ never meant to leave you.
[ There's the sounds of light, but harsh breathing coming through the D-Comm followed by what appears to be a female voice. ]

I... I made it back here, didn't I? After all these years...

[ A small chuckle comes out and she takes a breather against a side of a house. ]

I wonder... how they are doing. I would love to see them again.

Mm... Let's go, Reiko.

[ The video function turns on with the audio and who is speaking? None other than Hoshi, but she looks to be grown up and worse for wear. Her hair, usually taken care of, is hanging in a messy fashion and the kimono she's wearing is unkempt. ]

"Hoshi-dono, I must advise you, please rest. You are still not well yet, or have yet recovered from the--"

I know, Reiko... I know. I just want to get there. I want to see...

"Then, save your strength! Please, you must not be so reckless, even after everything you have gone through!"


[ What more she says is cut off by a thump, followed by what appears to be a name out of her mouth. Then, she finally collapses with Reiko looking rather fretful. ]


[ Anyone want to come find her? ]

( OOC: Hoshi has come back from her time skip, is now age 25, and is in Asuka. She's very exhausted, has some wounds that haven't closed up yet as well as wrappings on her body. All in all, she's gonna be really exhausted for a while. )
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